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Life is a Highway. We experience every bit of adversities one can possibly imagine and it comes with every business. It’s from new credit allowances giving our business a new Edge in the industry to a business Breaking Point, with so many things to care for. If you think about it, it’s a matter of life and death for any business in today’s day and age, the fact that we need growth and clients to continue to deliver the best in a local community. What about small businesses how do they live? How did they survive. Today we are interviewing one of top Boston general contractors we found and they have been around for more than 25 years. They provide some of the best services and projects in Massachusetts, such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions and much more. We are talking about a company called Design Concepts led by an industry leader – Pasquale Spadorcia.

Before we talk about this company, we want to focus our attention to what’s most needed in this industry today, customer experience. You know, experience is your best bet to continue a service or to provide an outstanding product to your clients. It does not matter who you are, where you been, customer experience will always win the front row of any business. In fact, most businesses rely solely on customer experience for growth. It’s imperative we focus a little bit of our time in this post about what we believe based on Design Concepts company, about the experience you should include and apply to your business.

Focus On What Brings Value

You can have many different services in your company, but do they provide any value to the end user? Do your services provide value to the clients of the future? Are you thinking about what they want, what they are requesting, and what they considered to be valuable to them? Customers always love to receive so much more than what they are paying for, as it makes them feel honored, and cared for.


They feel they are part of something special, so always remember this: What’s the most valuable thing you can do for clients today with what you already have? How can you change completely the value that they are receiving to receive, with the resources you already have? If you already have a good customer service, it’s simply not enough if you want exceptional results from these clients.

Spend Less, Give Much More

Many think that value equals money spent, and it’s not always the case. In fact most businesses that are leading in the industry today do not spend much money on things that they know will not bring value. Even from a general contractor in Boston, MA an expensive town considered by many, it’s important to think about the things you already have and how you can improve those things to bring more value to your clients.


Think about how you greet the customers, think about the small details in your storefront, think about what you have today that can be vastly improved for tomorrow’s experience. This is absolutely crucial for your business grow. Always spend much less but give much more they want your customers are accustomed to receiving.

Whatever You Do, Retain Your Clientele

Value also does not simply mean to do a lot for your company and for your customers but it also means that you should have ways and a structure in place to retain the customers that you already have. These customers already believe in what you have, and services that you provide. There is no better solution to grow your business without retaining your clients information. In order to do that you need to be able to provide ways that your clients may receive trust from you. They need to trust your services, and your authenticity. They need to see that you give more than what you receive and this has to be a principal implemented not only in your heart and mind but also in the hearts and minds of your own employees within your organization. Customers believe in something and they always will believe as long as they trust.

Here are some of the things your customers are always expecting:

  1. Great Experience
  2. Exceptional Customer Support
  3. The Felling They Are Actually Getting More
  4. Better Service Than Competition
  5. Discounts For On Going Business
  6. News and Updates About Whats Coming
  7. Feel Loved and Cared For

Take It From Design Concepts Ideals

Design Concepts is a general contractor company in Boston, that focuses I’m not only a great customer experience but also a beautiful project delivery. Pasquale and his team of professionals are always thinking about you opportunities and new ways to promote a great customer experience with in everything that they do and services that they provide in the Boston area. From a simple kitchen remodeling project to a new home addition in a busy suburbs of Boston, Pasquale is always trying to make new Ventures and ways to promote his business through client retention.


His ideas are simple, but it requires and attention to details not only in the services that they provide but also and how they treat their customers even though they are long gone or a project is finished. To put into Pasquale’s words: “If you can’t retain your customer for future projects it’s better for you not to do anything at all in the beginning…”

Act, Learn, Refine, Rinse and Repeat

It seems very simple, but many business owners have never done this in their lifetime, in most never will. It takes much effort and great source of self-esteem to be able to walk beyond your imagination, to do more than what you are thinking and to see more than what you are envisioning. Every project Demands a specific attention, and it’s your job to understand what went wrong and What needs to change. This does not change the fact that we have to take Massive Action towards our goals, we will then learn a lot from our mistakes and our experience. We should refine the strategies that we used to begin with, and we should repeat what we learned into a new refined way.


Next time you create a new project or service for your clients, make sure that you are thinking about them first rather than yourself. Make sure that your services will be perceived as much valuable than what they are perceiving to receive. Give your clients a reason to come back to you, and always think about what you can do for them in the next project.

We hope that these business trips may provide you with some insights, knowledge, and action attitude towards growing your business much more than you are already experiencing.

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