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About Us

Maybe you are here to get connected to your local community. Maybe you are here to simply learn more about what’s going on in the world of small businesses, or maybe you just want to be part of something cool, eh? Sure thing we are sure we can entertain you. Welcome to Route Magazine, a place where we share our thoughts, ideas and all the tips about running a small and successful business. We want to ask you one question: What is the most relevant marketing strategy you have ever used in your business? This is the most crucial element you need to define before even opening a business. We will sure talk about this more later on but for now, know this – you will definitely learn a ton of information that will be both valuable and that you can apply immediately to your business.


We are about to open a can of warms of ideas and tricks you should learn and we think its relevant to your business that will soon be the corner stone for many different principles you’ve probably already applied to your business. For now, we want you to have fun, enjoy the navigation on our website and we’ll be in touch very soon!